Experts In Residence

Experts In Residence is a unique program across the Murraylands and Riverland, bringing Industry Experts and Events direct to you. The program offers access to fully funded, confidential and one-on-one appointments with industry experts for Murraylands and Riverland businesses. The program will also provide industry events including; webinars, workshops and dinners.

About Experts In Residence

Experts In Residence is a feature project of Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland in partnership with Primary Industries and Regions South Australia.

EIR is unique to the Murraylands and Riverland region, providing opportunity for businesses to engage with industry experts from far and wide, and learn insights and innovations able to enhance their business capability, without having to travel outside of our region.

Each year, we assemble a team of experts from across Australia, to provide practical advice to primary producers and food and beverage manufacturers across six key themes. Our experts are able to be viewed either by theme or all together; allowing participants to determine which expert is able to provide their business the right advice on how they can implement insights and innovations and become more resourceful and resilient.

The Experts In Residence program has adapted to Covid19 restrictions to deliver the program across the region and provide continuous opportunities throughout 2020. Taking a virtual approach to appointments and workshops, EIR has become more accessible than ever for businesses to capitalise on the opportunity of receiving free, confidential and personalised advice.

Registration is required to participate

All businesses and individuals interested in participating in the program are required to register. This process will enable you to receive program updates, find out first about upcoming industry events and be notified when appointments become available with our experts.

Registration will provide you access to view available appointments and receive notification of updates to the program and industry events. Each individual participant is responsible for booking their own appointment with expert.

By registering in the program, you are not guaranteed or committed to receiving access to advice from an expert you are interested in. Appointments and experts are subject to availability and may change at any time.

EIR Program story

Experts In Residence talks ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’.

This year’s theme is following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – goal 12 to be exact. The program will focus on the overarching theme of how businesses can move towards consumer needs around sustainable and responsible consumption and production in their purchases. The program will start with the ‘Insights and Innovations from around Australia’ webinar, where businesses can hear from our three key speakers, from across Australia, on the topics of Packaging, Food, and Supply Chains. Attendees to the webinar will also meet the experts for the 2020 program.

With the events of Covid19 enforcing restrictions on travel and gathering sizes, the program model will take an all-digital form this year, with the tentative exception of the industry dinner. Webinar’s will be run throughout the remainder of the year to engage businesses with the overarching topic, while all one-to-one appointments will be hosted via Zoom platform. Businesses will be able to view available appointments and book via the Experts tab when they are logged into their user account.

For more details on the events hosted this year, please see the events tab.