Belinda Hanson-Kenny


Food. Labelling & Safety is a “one stop” Food Technology resource for Food and Beverage manufactures and associated industries, working with local, national and international clients. If you’re asking yourself some of the following questions, Belinda might be the expert to help you!

Food Labelling:

  • New products:
    What information is required on a food label?
    Where do I get all the information from to put on my food label?
    How do I calculate the information for my food label (Ingredient Declaration, Nutrition Information, Country of origin Labelling)?
  • Current products:
    Is my current label compliant?
    Are there changes to label requirements coming I need to know about?

Food Safety:

  • New systems:
    Do I need a Food Safety System?
    What information is required in my Food Safety System?
    Where do I get all the information from to put in my Food Safety System?
    What levels of Food Safety Systems are there?
  • Current Systems:
    I want to go up to the next level, what’s required?
    What system can I move up to
    What’s involved in upgrading?

New to Food:

  • I‘m thinking about producing/manufacturing a product.  I have never done this before.  What’s involved?  Where do I start?  A brief overview of everything.

About Belinda

Belinda is a Food Technologist, and has worked in the food industry for over 35 years, 12 years cooking in small and large kitchens, and 25 years working in food manufacturing.

Belinda cooked in hotels and restaurants (from pubs to 5 stars) for 12 years before commencing study in Food Technology, and moving her work focus to food manufacturing – specialising in Product Development, Product Labelling, Food Safety, and Quality Management. She is currently studying to qualify as a packaging technologist also.

Industries Belinda has worked in while working in food manufacturing include smallgoods production, poultry processing, manufacture of sweet and savoury baked goods, and egg processing.

Some of the industries Belinda has, or is currently working in as a Food Safety and Quality Systems Contractor are:

  • native ingredients distribution
  • refrigerated transport
  • frozen pastry production
  • ready meals planning, manufacture and distribution
  • large and small sites, manufacturing sweet and savoury bakery goods
  • seafood processing
  • gelati, and ice cream manufacturers
  • kimchi manufacturing
  • cheese manufacturing
  • food manufacturing industry ingredient manufacturers and distributors
  • pet food manufacture
  • meat processor
  • hospital kitchen, and other facilities staff training
  • food packaging manufacturer
  • beer production and packing
  • honey processing
  • tree nut processing
  • marshmallow and sweets manufacture
  • smallgoods manufacture
  • cordials, syrups and jam processing

Being a very keen (and very good) cook, Belinda joined the SACWA more than 5 years ago, and runs cooking classes for her branch members. They have done classes on confectionery making, smoking at home, special Christmas classes, and all sorts of baking. Belinda speaks regularly on local ABC radio, representing the Country Women’s Association, and sharing recipes.

Belinda is a regular judge for many local baking, and preserves events, as well as a longstanding and very experienced smallgoods, red meat and butchery judge, travelling interstate regularly to judge national smallgoods and deli meats competitions.