The Experts In Residence program delivers a series of events throughout the year, including workshops, webinars and an annual Industry Leaders’ Dinner.

Each year, the program focuses on a different industry priority and connects the supporting webinars, workshops and the annual Industry Leaders’ Dinner to this conversation topic.

These events provide the opportunity for all businesses to connect and hear from top industry leaders on insights and innovations happening in the external environment.

During 2020, we will be joined by industry experts to talk on Responsible Consumption and Production across packaging, food waste and supply chains. The events for the year are an opportunity businesses to further their understanding and engage with the wider program.

In 2020, the Experts in Residence program will host three event including webinars and digital workshops, due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Insights and Innovations from around Australia
Tuesday, August 4th at 1-3pm

The Insights and Innovations from around Australia webinar took place on Tuesday, August 4th at 1-3pm. We were joined by three key speakers from across Australia, on the topics of Packaging, Food Waste, and Supply Chains. In the second hour, all attendees received the opportunity to meet and ask questions to the first round of experts for 2020. The experts shared what they can do for your business and provided insights on ways they can assist across various parts of your business.

Digital Workshop:

2025 National Packaging Targets: Pivoting Your Packaging Workshop
Wednesday, October 21st at 9:30am (ACDT)

Experts In Residence welcome experts from the Australian Institute of Packaging to present a digital workshop for the program this year. This is a rare opportunity for businesses to access industry insights and knowledge [for free] about how the 2025 national packaging targets, and South Australia’s new legislation being imposed from 2021, will impact many businesses and industries.

RDAMR have secured one-to-one support with the Australia Institute of Packaging to work intensely with 12 businesses who participate in this webinar on pivoting their packaging. These appointments will be hosted with Keith and Ralph over the following six weeks post-webinar.

Registrations to attend are now open.

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